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Amoir is one of the world’s top leading luxury goods producers, with particular strengths in terms of jewellery, clothing, luxury watches and writing instruments. 

Management, designers and craftsmen across Amoir strive to keep this heritage and the traditional values of its designers alive through a continuous process of reinvention and innovation.

Amoir operates in five key areas - jewellery, watches, writing instruments, leather and accessories, and clothing. The company believes in strength through diversity. Each of the designers has its own distinct identity, that stems from its heritage and culture, and it is critical that each brand has the correct strategies and resources to be able to enhance that identity. The independence of the designers within the group is fundamental to the company's strategy for future growth.  

Besides its community action for human development, Amoir carries out a number of initiatives through its commitment to protecting our environment. Faithful to its vocation as a patron, we are also involved in culture and heritage, humanitarian action, education and supporting young artists and designers. 

As a member of the global community, Amoir has always regarded acting as a responsible corporate citizen to be an integral part of the way the company does business. It prides itself on maintaining high standards of integrity and honesty in carrying out its business activities and expects the support of its managers, its employees, suppliers and associates in pursuing these goals.







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